Yoga is allergies?

Yoga is about cutting down extraneous movement. When you get down to the heart of it, that’s pretty much all it is.

Letting go of mental movement and physical movement and raw material need.

Cutting through the excess.

I realized this halfway through an allergy-infested Sun B today when I was focusing more on stemming the flow of mucus coming out of my nasal cavities then on opening and reaching and breathing.I’m sorry, that’s super gross and I kinda just jumped into that one without forewarning y’all. Sometimes you just got to cut to the chase.

Anyways, I was mid warrior one with a tissue in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. I was so tuned out that I totally stood there for a few moments like a jerk while the rest of the class was moving on. That’s when I had this epiphany about the flow of time and movement and energy and it was all very poignant and beautiful but I’m also pretty hopped up on allegra right now, so maybe its bunk.

Here’s the takeaway, internet.

While you are caught up in your own mucus, the rest of the class is moving on. The rest of the class will not wait for you. If you want to experience what the class has to offer, you have to forget about stopping the mucus and keep moving.

Replace mucus with bullshit and class with time and that’s a world class metaphor.

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