I get asked the same three questions over and over about this blog, internet, and I figured I’d just answer them right now and get it over with.

The three questions are:

1. I can’t believe that you’d write that about so-and-so! Didn’t they get upset? Who was that, anyways? 

I still can’t believe people keep asking me this. I especially get this comment about The True Story of the Worst Kiss of My Life.
Murphy MacManus is a character from Boondock Saints, not a person I know.

All of the names that I use in this blog are fake. I understand that this is disappointing if you still believe I went on a date with Morgan Freeman. In addition, for the most part I do ask permission to write about people on this blog if the story is particularly incriminating, unless I am no longer in touch with that person. I try really hard not to use any distinguishing features, photos, locations, or likewise, unless the person has specifically requested that I link back to them in some way. Yes, some of the references or stories or quotes on this blog have been given to me by friends who wish to remain anonymous (pseudeonym-less)  and those people will always be completely anonymous. In addition, I will NEVER write personal stories about clients I interact with in the yoga studio without their explicit consent. That’s a serious breach of trust and patient confidentiality laws.

I may write funny things about real situations, but I’m not a jerk.

2. Is there an actual list of Reasons Why You’re Single? Can I see it?

Yes, there is a list. No, you can’t see it. Maybe I’ll post it at some point when a few more have been revealed. Be patient, young paduan.

3. What does your blog name mean? Isn’t it morbid to have it in the past tense? Why isn’t it Her Name IS Cassandra?

This is the question I get asked THE MOST.

It’s a reference to a line used in the movie Wayne’s World. Wayne sings in to his lady love, Cassandra. When I was in high school, one of my guy friends slash pseudo-boyfriend would sing this to me every time he saw me coming down the hall, and it’s been stuck in my head since then.

It’s also used in this awesome, totally unrelated song by The Galvatrons. 

So no, it’s not morbid. It’s a reference to my alter ego Wayne’s World Cassandra, who ALSO happens to be a musical half-Asian with a weird thing for men with mullets.

Don’t judge me.


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