Fiction Fridays #13 – Ideal Life, part two.

Continued from here.


I’m walking into work at nine on the dot. My co-workers greet me with smiles and warm hellos. My boss asks me how my weekend was. My mom was in town, visiting the studio I work at. I took her to all my favorite restaurants. It was refreshing.

I step into my office and put my bag down by my desk, take my laptop out, and open up my browser to check my emails. I response to a few inquiries and send off a few files. At 9:30, I close the computer and carry it with me to our staff meeting.

I am heading a giant creative project which has generate a lot of interest from potential investors, so it’s important to me that my team meets regularly to iron out all of the details. It’s a sprawling, involved endeavor that has most of our small office involved. Today we’re beginning to narrow down on all of the concepts we’ve storyboarded. During the course of two hours, we decide on a final storyline, a cast of characters, and have started brainstorming other people we need to get involved with the project. I feel satisfied with how it’s coming along.

At 11:30, I head back to my office to send a few more emails before lunch. I eat outside with my coworkers in the sun. I packed leftovers from the meal I had the night before with my mother. We chitchat about the upcoming week.

After lunch, I write a proposal for a new project I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind and send it off before packing up. I’m out of the office and on the road by 4:00. I have a class to teach at 4:30 and I need to run home and let the dogs out first.

I work at a large, spacious studio. I only teach twice a week – one large class, one smaller workshop. The studio capacity is around a hundred people, but I limit my workshops to 20. Today we are focusing on inversions, and I have a student going through our teacher training program coming in to help out.

The class is a success, and I decide to stay to take a class with one of my favorite teachers afterwards. I’m heading home at 7:00. Since it’s still light out, I take the dogs on a stroll outside. By 8, the dogs are fed, I’m showered, and I’m sitting down to dinner.

I round out my day by writing my daily blog for the next day and watching an episode of my favorite show. I let the dogs out once more, change, and am in bed by ten.



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