I’m going on vacation, internet! When? Where? With whom? For how long, y’all may ask?


Just kidding, not forever. For 12 days. TO PUERTO RICOOOO.

Mi Madre and I are currently sitting in our rinky-dink little local airport waiting for them to let us into the terminal. It smells like greasy breakfast sandwiches and sleep deprivation in here. There are six other people in here and there’s a mall-style metal grate pulled down pver the security checkpoint. How quaint.

Anyways, Maman and I are off to Philly and then to Charlotte, where we are meeting Daddy-o. We are spending tomorrow in Charlotte, and them mi familia is off to San Juan to spend ten days doing literally nothing more rigorous than motion for a drink refill. Seriously. If I have to do anything more strenuous than raise my hand to my mouth, I will throw a temper tantrum to rival anything The Rugrats ever aired.

Anywho, I’m off. Buh-bye for now!


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