A startling number of y’all fell for my April Fool’s day prank yesterday. No, my male cat is not pregnant. Gotcha!

In the vein of April Fool’s, I talked to my yoga class yesterday about the idea of perfection and wanting to be seen as ideal and not looking foolish. I saw a lot of different reactions to the “holiday” yesterday online and a lot of people seemed to think that the entire concept is a stupid waste of time and almost seemed to be upset about it, calling April Fool’s Day the “worst day of the year” and telling people not to trust anything or anyone today. 

While I believe that thinking that the tradition is stupid is a valid viewpoint, I don’t understand why anyone would get so upset over a few harmless pranks. 

Actually, that’s false.

I do understand. 

I understand that for a lot of people, being seem as “stupid” or gullible, even for a few moments, is really nerve-wracking, because our modus operandi in this culture is to be seen as perfect 24/7. Perfect really isn’t even the right word for everyone in this case, so substitute what you will – intelligent, mature, sophisticated, above it all, whatever you pick, the concept is the same.

This is so relevant to yoga. I see so many students come into class so afraid to fail at something, they won’t even try it. Crow pose is a big culprit for generating this fear. Airplane is another one. We get so fixated on doing it right the first time, so fixated on not falling out of something or not doing it wrong that we won’t even try it. Some people go the opposite way – they come into the studio and they feel like they have to fit a certain look and attitude, a certain gravitas, that forbids them from laughing or joking or even taking a half second’s rest in child’s pose. 

What I told my class last night is to loosen the reins just a little bit to see how that feels. Laugh at me. Laugh at themselves. Try something on. Lose the rigidity. Notice what it’s like to stop trying so damn hard. 

Try it out, internet. 



  1. Cherri

    Ha and up until now I was walking around with the pride that no one had managed to trick me for April Fools day – I tip my hat to you hahaha

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