Psychopath Spring Cleaning – part two.

So I really didn’t want to finish cleaning my room today, internet, but these guys showed up to offer me moral support.


So here’s the thrilling conclusion to Weird Things I Found In My Room aka I might be a psychopath.

1. Pages and Pages of Whatever This Is.

hnwcassandra grid

Seriously. 16 pages of meticulously gridded Scrabble style animal species. This is crazily precise and super bizarre. I must have been reallyyyyy bored in a math class or something. Why animals, though? Just because? I don’t know.

2. An Astrolabe.

hnw cassandra astrolabe

Okay so I have an astrolabe because I took an ancient astronomy course once, but that doesn’t explain why I STILL have an astrolabe. It’s not remotely accurate for the area I now live in.

“Hey, wanna come over and check out my astrolabe?” is a terrible pickup line, so that’s not it either (Reason #6 why I’m still single- I’m terrible with pickup lines and have astrolabes lying around like it ain’t no thang).

Plus, the Stars app on my iPhone is a thing. I DO NOT NEED THIS ANYMORE.

3. A Plastic Wineglass Full of Rocks.

hnwcassandra rocks Normal.

4. Owls.

hnw cassandra owls

Owls everywhere. Owls out the wazoo. Owls from A to Z. This piddly sample doesn’t even put a dent in the amount of owl paraphernalia that I own. It’s absurd. It’s like a pokémon collection. There’s a character in John Green’s book Paper Towns whose parents own the worlds largest collection of black santas. That’s going to be me in 20 years with owls. I’m going to be the weird owl hoarder with owl astrolabes and owl posters and pages and pages of “owl” just written over and over.

Oh my god. I’m a psychopath.

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