Psychopath Spring Cleaning – part one.

Okay internet. I’ve been giving psychopaths a lot of slack for having weird things and whatnot. However, recently I’ve decided that I’ve been being a little hypocritical. So I decided to turn the tables on myself and see what weird things I’ve got, while in the process of cleaning my room.

I’m killing two birds with one stone. If I was a real psychopath, I might try to actually do that. But I’m not. It’s a metaphor.


Let’s see what we’re starting off with.


Okay. Not a great start, but not quite a hoarder yet. Take note that you can, in fact, see floor. Let’s see what else we’ve got.

1. Wine Bottle Flowers

hnw cassandra wine

Alright. What is this? A wine bottle with fake black flowers in it and a fake rose glued to the front. That’s normal, right? People have flowers in their rooms all the time. This is decoration. Whatever. Moving on.

2. An Absurd Amount of Ties

hnw cassandra ties

Wow I have of ties. Where the heck did  get these from? Why do I have them? I don’t even wear ties. I’ve never dated anyone who wore ties on a regular basis. Certainly not this many. I’m just going to assume I bought them for a project or something. That sounds right.

3. A Lot of Pictures of This Guy

hnw cassandra ed westwick

I don’t even know who this is. Who is this? Why do I have four pictures of him?

4. All This Stuff

hnw cassandra outfit

…I think I’m done for today.


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