When I teach a really good class:

When I take a really good class:

When I mess up a sequence my students are like:

When I make my friend do a pose she hates she’s like:

The college kids before Spring Break:

The college kids after Spring Break:

When someone comes back from a yoga retreat they’re like:

When I nail a pose I’m been working on I look at my friends like:

But then I fall out of something really easy like:


  1. Charlotte Burnham

    Don’t cheat….using pictures is fun! Reading your blogs…much better!! Paul Kingston came into the library today to tell me how much he enjoyed reading your blogs! He was laughing his head off! Amuzing a Brit isn’t necessarily easy!

    • evlracer

      No time to write today Gran! I’m heading to Cortland to complete my Red Cross CPR/ First Aid training! Tell Paul I say hello and I’m glad he likes my blogs!

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