My week in GIFS.

Whoops. Looks like I’m getting this post in just in time.

I’m going to level with you, internet. It’s been a long, hard week and a long day and I’ve got a few Jameo Gingers under my belt and I’m feeling like

Mom and I actually met up with a visitor who came in from the city to talk about a really cool project that I’m going to be working on for the next few months or longer that I’m really excited about. It involves me blogging about fitness and whatnot. I was in and out of the studio all day so I didn’t get to the computer before now, and then mes parents and I went out to dinner post yoga class. So today’s post is about my life in GIFS.

Deal with it.

This week was a little

I got a rejection letter from yet another school and I didn’t get the job offer I was really shooting for. Also my dog peed on me twice.

Really dude??

So on Friday I just wanted to

But my friend Captain Apollo and his garage rock band had a gig, so I went to cheer them on and ended up dancing like

Woke up the next morning still a little bummed, but Captain Apollo invited me out to a funk band and so I went with Barney Stinson and them all and we were all like

So now I’m actually feeling pretty

I guess the moral of the story is that dancing is the best ever.

I’m going with it.

Bedtime now.


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