Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Yesterday I received a Beautiful Blogger Award from Factory Maid! I’m frankly touched, since I really haven’t been doing this thing for too terribly long. It’s nice to know that someone out there is reading my humble little blog.

Essentially how this works is that I pick 15 other bloggers to nominate and tell you are 7 things about myself, except that I’m going to bend the rules and pick 3 bloggers instead of 15 because this is my blog and I do what I want. Excepted from the nominations of course is the brilliantly talented Factory Maid herself whom you should really check out (I recommend this post which is tragic and dark and beautiful). I also am going to note that I would have nominated Gus Sanchez of Out Where the Buses Don’t Runbut Factory Maid already did.

1. Jennifer Elise, of Back to the Sutra. She writes passionately and honestly about life, yoga, meditation, and the whole nine yards, and her choice in music is honestly spot on. Read this post about her dislike of One Direction and you’ll be hooked.

2. Nathan Bradley, of The Life and Times of Nathan Bradley. He’s just so funny. I love his unique viewpoint on life. I read a post he wrote about discussing the merits of paper towels this morning and it had me in tears. Read this one about his harrowing trip out on an icy road.

3. Kate, of Healthy Living for the Culinary Impaired. She writes about nutrition and food and all sorts of craziness. Follow her harrowing adventures in the kitchen and her rather unusual take on food here.


Seven Things about Cassandra. 

1. I’m a dual citizen- Canada and the US. I was born in Port Colborne, ON and lived in Ridgeway, ON until I was about 5 or 6 and then we got a house in Buffalo and hopped the border for a while and it was all terribly muddled and confusing for a young girl, but I loved it.

2. I once climbed into a hippopotamus enclosure at the zoo to pet the baby hippo. It was slimy and cold and had prickly hair. In hindsight, I was very, very lucky that Mamma Hippo was on the other side of the exhibit. I was also very, very lucky I wasn’t caught snooping around in the trainer’s hut.

3. I have a horrific scar on my right arm from where I was on an amusement park ride in Oregon and I managed to flip my cart over onto myself (it was a very badly maintained alpine slide). I then made it worse by pouring hydrogen peroxide on it to clean it. NEVER AGAIN.

4. I was a ski racer in the NYSSRA for almost eleven years. My best event was Super G, despite the fact that I was about half the size of most of my competition.

5. I was on a crew team for 6 seasons in high school. I rowed every seat in every boat at least once. On my first day out coxing (steering, essentially) my boat (an 8) hit and killed a goose. It was awful.

6. When I was 11, my mom took my best friend and I to Toronto to see J.K. Rowling read from the 3rd Harry Potter book. She was staying in our hotel and she waved to us from her car as she was leaving to get to the event. This is still one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me.

7. When I was a little girl, my Grandpa told me if I ate asparagus the wrong way it would kill me. To this day I cannot eat it.


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