Fiction Friday #5 – Bass.

This is a free-write on clubbing. Tada.


The bass goes through your entire body, starting in your feet as you walk down the stairs and vibrating up your legs and into your torso, into your frantic heartbeat, your thick chest, a chest so full it feel like it’s going up your throat and it’s suddenly hard to breathe so you open your mouth and the swelling gets worse and then it releases and builds again.

It’s just like that, and it’s swelling, swelling upwards and outwards and you know you aren’t the only one because everyone is like that, everyone knows when to sing or shout or scream and their hands are all in the air so you put yours up too and god, you’re dancing, but never before like this, not like this, just dancing to dance, just moving like everyone else is and you’re in the middle of it all, thrumming, and then the music cools again. You put your arms down.

Everyone’s eyes are on the DJ in the corner and there is a quietness, a quietness that’s ebbing away, and again it starts to build deep in your toes, shivering up and up, sunk deep in your bones. It’s not a loudness but a deepness, a great booming that catches your breath in your throat and you close your eyes against the multicolored flashing in the ceiling and let the thrumming build and let your body build and drop with it. Your throat is thick. You breathe deep and exhale slowly but the thickness gets worse so you just ignore it and pant in little gasps and start to bounce like everyone else and you’re right in the middle of it all and you catch someone’s eyes and she is so beautiful and she’s bouncing too, right in rhythm with you and she’s blue and green and red and blue again, and her long dark hair is streaked with flickering light and the freckles on her face are glowing and her cherry lips are parted and she’s breathing and you can almost see the thickness building in her, building and building and building and the beat finally drops and it’s so heavy that it carries you both down, almost down through the floor, and the sweat dripping down her face is blue and green and red and blue again and it goes down her neck and down her shirt and the thickness is there too and her chest is heaving in big swelling rocking movements with the thickness.

And suddenly she’s looking at you again, at you and through you, and the music is going quiet again and you can feel the sweat dripping down off you like you’re melting, melting down into the floor as the quiet builds and the music lets you go just for that one minute and you’re both staring and you won’t let go of each other until the music pick you back up and the beat is swelling again, buoying up until it’s going back up out of you again and you’re so tired but you can’t stop because the music has you and it’s so heavy and strong and the night is late and it’s the last song and you know because the whole club is thrumming and you’re right in the middle of it and when the beat drops everyone releases and the wave goes on and on and up and everyone is blue and green and red and blue again and god you’re all dancing like this has never happened before and the whole club is so goddamn thick with it thick with the heavy and the music is building again and it drops for the last time and even the bartenders are dancing and the DJ behind the booth is letting the music flow up his arms and out of him and people are going hard in the paint, man, and then it just ends.

And the silence is so loud that everyone just stops.

And everyone is dropping.

And the club slowly empties and in the silence you watch the people filter out, and the light is regular colors and the music is over, but the thickness remains.

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