Spring Cleaning – a poem.

Today I think I’ll write a poem, because I don’t really have anything better to talk about and it’s my blog and I make the rules. So ha. If you’re lucky, maybe the poem will become a song and I’ll sing it and get really really famous and y’all can say you read it here first, internet.

And no. Before you ask, this was not inspired by any particular someones.



these are just thoughts from a troubled mind
who tried to recreate the footprint
from the dirt you left behind
but your cracking sole was misleading
and there was no guide or blueprint
so i let the wind erase any trace of your fleeting
presence here

i tried to memorize your voice
from all the messages you left me on the phone
i felt i had no other choice
but your words were blurred and misspoken
and they didn’t use a welcome tone
so others filled the silence hoping
to come home

and there were fingerprints around
from things you’d touched and shared and found
but now i think i’ve wiped away any remaining dna
and so i’ve nothing left of you
no souvenirs or mementos
and now the door is closed
the house is clean
and i believe
that i am free.

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