Let’s talk about the snowpocolypse. I asked my parents at dinner last night what to write about today and Dad said write about Nemo and I was all like no one wants to read about the weather dad goshhh. Alas, I’m in a Barre training right now and its been a long, hard, nasal congested type of day, so lets talk Nemo.

As someone cleverer than I am put it this morning, I’d like to unfind Nemo. Just kidding. I could have come up with that.

I’m personally a huge fan of snowstorms. Ive already talked about my weirdness about big spaces, and I like how the outside looks smaller after a storm, if that makes any sense.

I do not like how everyone has suddenly lost the ability to drive, however.

This is not an interesting blog topic.

Doop de doop.


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