I was just reading another blog called Kalliope Amorphous, by an author who goes by the same name, and the found a quote that struck me so deeply I had to quote it. The post I read is titled Random Thoughts On Living Authentically In Artificial Times. It has to do with social media cutting down human interaction and it’s beautifully written and expressive and worth a read. The quote was this one:

“…it’s fucking sad that our modes of connecting with other human beings have been so extensively whittled away.”

I am extremely lucky in a lot of ways. In this instance, I am lucky because I have two friends, both men who are a few years younger than me whom I only get to see a few times a year and have virtually nothing in common with each other except for their ability to waltz into my life every once in a while, sit across from me at a table with a cup of coffee, and talk deeply and honestly about life. These conversations, though few and far between, instill in me a deep and sating confidence that the ability to care about things that matter still exists in the world.

There are a lot of people who tell me that during the late teens and mid twenties people become over confident in their convictions about the world and have too much belief in themselves and romance and what is and isn’t important. I have no way yet of knowing if that is true, but I’d like to believe that every once in a while a young adult comes along with his head in the right place who can have a conversation you’d expect to have with someone far older and wiser, and that I have met a few of those people.

I think Kalliope is right to comment that our modes of connection have been dwindling, but I don’t really think that social media should bear the brunt of the blame, because people don’t really talk to each other face to face either. The truth is, we’re all scared of each other and worse, we’re scared of admitting that we think we are weak and cowardly and terrified in our innermost hearts. Honestly, if you aren’t scared, you’re probably lying to yourself, because let’s face it, we all fake it most of the time. Even when I admit out loud to someone that I don’t really have a plan or a steady income or even a life goal, I play it off while instead my head a little voice is screaming OH MY GOD I’M SO WORTHLESS AT LIFE.

My advice to you, internet, is to find someone who you can have a real conversation with, and if they tell you honestly that they are terrified, hang on to that person for dear life, because honestly, sometimes you just have to say it out loud to keep yourself sane, and sometimes you have to hear it to reassure yourself that other people feel that same as you do.

Remember, internet- You do not have to try so damn hard to be sane when you realize that everyone is a little crazy.

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