10 songs to get you through winter.

Every summer I compile a list of songs that epitomize, for me, the happenings and obsessions I went through during the season. The winter’s been getting left out. Not anymore.

Everyone’s got their own reasons for liking music. I like music because of its ability to tell a story. For better or worse, these songs took me through the start of autumn and will hopefully carry me through spring.

Added bonus- they are all excellent songs.

Witchcraft– Frank Sinatra
Defining line- “What good would common sense for it do?”

Here Comes the Anxiety The Wombats
Defining line- “I’d say that this is the darkest song I ever wrote”

The War Was in Color Carbon Leaf
Defining line- “These black and white photos don’t capture the skin”

Techno Fan– The Wombats
Defining line- “Shut up and move with me or get out of my face”

Songs like This Carrie Underwood
Defining line- “Even I’m surprised how easy sweet revenge rolls off my lips”

Alone With You Jake Owens
Defining line- “Don’t put your lips up to my mouth and tell me you can’t stay”

Girl in the War– Josh Ritter
Defining line- “Her eyes are like champagne”

Passenger Seat Death Cab for Cutie
Defining line- “Do they collide? / I ask, and you smile”

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)– The Proclaimers
Defining line- “DA DA DA DA”

Damn Styles of Beyond
Defining line- “I’m feeling good as hell tonight”

So there you have it. The season started off a little rocky, but it’s finally 2013, almost my birthday, and I’m feeling good as hell.

What’s your soundtrack, internet?

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