A little more about me.

I realized that I kinda jumped into this whole “blogging” thing without really giving you internet people any information about me whatsoever. Since everything these days has to have sex appeal to sell and bloggers are meant to schmooze their readers into loving them, here’s a little more about me, dating profile style. Purrow. Down boys.

My name- Cassandra. Also Cassie, Cass, Casserole, and damnnnnn, gurlll.

My age- I’ll be 23 in 18 days.

Favorite color- y’know. Whatever the sexiest color is. Probably red.

Favorite animal- Owls, tigers, lions, and bears. Also sharks.

Six things I couldn’t do without- Food, family, long walks on the beach, my dogs, skiing, and lobster rolls (I know, technically a food, but man they are so good)

Favorite quote- Oh man. Pass. ~Me

This dating profile questionnaire thing is (and here’s the bit where I sat for five minutes trying to think of a word that accurately describes my lack of taste for this dating profile quiz. You’re supposed to pick someone based of this and their picture? Rubbish.You fill in your own word, you.).

Schmoozing is difficult.


Love me.

Love me.

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